An upbeat tune plays in the background as co-owner Dana Marsh talks about Joyryder, an innovative fitness studio with cycling workouts centered around music

Participants ride to the beat of the music in classes offered at the studio, adjusting their workout to varying temposwhile sometimes singing along.

When youre inside the music when your right foot drops on the beat, you can travel through time and spacelike a meditation, or a nostalgic adventure through song, Marsh says. Its so cool when everyone is on the same foot Its like youre in the room with your team.

Along with rhythmic cycling, the 45-minute classes include lifting free weights for a full body workout. And Marsh has designed the classes with a basic structure so that everyone is on the same page.

Every class has a beginning, middle and an end with a thematic idea, like a journey through music and sweat, Marsh says.

Its a space where we emphasize community and unplug, she adds. We are a bunch of people with different backgrounds coming together to find some joy and connection in our lives.

Finding joy in your ride is a philosophy that has been incorporated into the name and spirit of the business that Marsh and her partner Patty Reedy launched this past July in Biltmore Village. Joy also has a personal meaning for Marsh. It was the name of her mother who loved music.

As co-owners of Joyryder, Marsh and Reedy work together with a combined synergy.

Patty and I have the yin and yang of work skills, Marsh says.

Marsh has more than a decade of experience as an indoor cycling instructor in Los Angeles and New York, as well as a background in theater arts. Reedy has extensive experience in business management, which includes supervising the Los Angeles Country Club, one of the largest in the country.

Reedy became acquainted with Marsh by taking one of her music-based cycling classes in L.A., and later suggested that she open her own studio.

Reedy and Marsh discovered Asheville while attending a wedding here more than a year ago when they were still living and working in Los Angeles.

During the middle of the wedding, the sky opened up and it rained, Reedy said.

She and Marsh took this as a positive sign, especially after living through a California drought for several years.

They packed their belongings and relocated to Asheville where they began looking for a space to open Joyryder. After locating a space in Biltmore Village, Marsh and Reedy did much of the work involved in designing and creating the studio, including painting walls and building shelves.

For clients convenience, the studio has two showers, bathrooms, changing rooms and a bar for blow-drying hair.

The large exercise room has 32 stationary cycles for participants who take classes with Marsh and other instructors at Joyryder. Marsh serves as the lead instructor and runs the training program for other instructors.

Marsh and Reedy say their new business is growing as people learn about it.

Its bringing a lot of people together in Asheville, Marsh says.

Joyryder is open six days a week and is located at 14 Lodge St. For class schedules pricing and other information, visit the website,

By Sandra Barnes


Joyryder 1: Dana Marsh and Patty Reedy are co-owners of Joyryder in Biltmore Village.

Joyryder 2: The exercise room at Joyryder where classes are held has 32 cycles.

Joyryder 3: the reception area at Joyryder reflects the clean design of the studio.

Joyryder 4: Joyryder is at 14 Lodge St. in Biltmore Village.

Joyryder 5: Patty Reedy and Dana Marsh created the design for the studio.

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