Jeff Short

Carolina Day School senior Jeffrey Short has been selected as a recipient of the Rotary Club of Asheville’s Harry R. Morrill Scholarship. / Donated photo

Carolina Day School senior Jeffrey Short has been selected as a recipient of the Harry R. Morrill Scholarship. The Rotary Club of Asheville established the Harry R. Morrill scholarship to help meritorious students and encourage scholarship among high school seniors. The scholarship program is administered by The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina (CFWNC).

According to the CFWNC website, selection criteria include “superior academic achievement/potential and a desire to learn; demonstrated leadership qualities; community service, extracurricular activities and/or work experience; and a positive personal outlook.”

Short said, “I am grateful to the Rotary Club of Asheville for this scholarship and friends, family, and teachers for their support. I would also like to thank the local artists and non-profit leaders who mentored me along the way.”

“Jeff Short has a kind heart, an impressive mind, and a passion to make a difference in others’ lives,” said Jessica Browning, Director of College Counseling at CDS. “He is thoughtful, his mind is always making connections. He is organized and persistent, managing his time well and setting reasonable, but high standards for himself. He is balanced, not only knowing when and how much to study, but also working hard on the track and in the swimming pool and taking time to socialize with friends. Jeff Short is an academic standout, budding entrepreneur and philanthropist, and committed friend.”

Short’s accomplishments are many for a soon-to-be high school graduate. As an individual he has raised over $17,000 for local non-profit organizations through designing, creating and selling earrings. Short is intentional in donating to organizations in the community that have meaning and serve those in need, focusing on social justice and animal welfare advocacy. Last summer, he served as a volunteer art teacher with the newly formed Horizons at Carolina Day, an academic and enrichment program serving low-income students from the Asheville community, creating a curriculum and securing art supply donations. As an active member of the Carolina Day community, Jeff can be seen performing bass guitar with the Carolina Day School band, leading the cross country team on a run (while serving as their captain), participating in the cast and crew of a theater production, or acting in a student-made film. He is also a junior member of the Hendersonville Coin Club, participating in club meetings and educational outreach events.

Short has received honors as a recipient of the St. Lawrence University Book Award for community service and is a National Honor Society Member. Supplementing his formal education with impressive opportunities, such as the Summer Textile Exploration Program and the College of Textiles Polymer camp at NC State University, Short is eager to continue to engage deeply in his education.


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