Asheville Police Department Police Chief David Zack is making plans to move forward with a plan to enter into a contract with a national recruiting firm to help boost APD staffing, following approval by the City of Asheville City Council at its Dec. 14 meeting.

“Asheville Police Department is excited for the opportunity to partner with EPIC Recruiting in order to recruit outstanding candidates who want to join the APD team and serve the City of Asheville,” said Zack. “We have some outstanding officers already serving at APD, but we certainly need more to help fill the ranks so that we can adequately serve the City of Asheville.”

During its meeting, the City Council approved for APD to enter into a contract with EPIC Recruiting to create recruiting media, create a recruitment website, and strategize and market the City of Asheville and the department to recruit exceptional police applicants. ADP submitted a request for proposals about a month ago, and EPIC Recruiting was recently selected as the recruiting firm by the search committee.

The police department currently has 60 vacancies of the authorized 238 sworn officer positions. With officers currently in training or out for medical issues, vacancies are expected to swell to about 40%.

“We simply couldn’t go about business as usual of recruiting at local job fairs and informational and career events in our recruiting efforts because of our large number of vacancies,” said Capt. Brandon Moore, Recruiting & Retention Division Captain. “We needed something more. By partnering with EPIC Recruiting, our goal is to not only hire the most qualified candidates to join the Asheville Police Department team, but to better diversify our work force to best serve our community.”

Moore also emphasized that recruiting and retaining highly qualified police officers will incorporate a holistic approach.

“It’s not just the recruiting agency that will help boost our numbers, but it’s incumbent upon everyone – our police officers, city leadership, our community – to create an environment and show why someone would want to join the APD team,” Moore said.

Zack ageed.

“With the approval of our City Council to move forward with this contract, our city leaders show a commitment to public safety and how vitally important it is to have a well-equipped police department to serve the City of Asheville,” he said. “Support from our city leadership, our businesses and our residents is key to shaping a successful recruiting campaign.”

EPIC Recruiting will develop a nation-wide online recruiting campaign and create recruiting videos and a website to highlight the City of Asheville as a great place to live and the police department as a great place to work.

APD leadership will finalize the contract and meet with EPIC Recruiting in January to begin work.

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