You’ve waited all year long for your prom, and now the grand occasion is only a couple of months away. But don’t leave anything to chance if you want the evening to be as magical as you’ve always hoped. Here are some tips to help you plan the prom of your dreams.

Girls, what style of dress inspires you? Whatever you do, don’t wait until the last minute if you want to have lots of choice. And that’s not counting all the shopping trips it may take before you find the perfect outfit.

You’ve found exactly what you want? Now it’s time to go in search of some great accessories that will complete your look. Oh, and if you want to buy a new pair of shoes, don’t wait too long; you’ll have to break them in before the big day.

Esthetician, makeup and manicure: have you thought of everything? At the hairdresser’s, make two appointments instead of one. That way you’ll be able to experiment a few days before the prom to make sure your hairstyle is going to look as great as you’d hoped. And if you want to change your hair color, be sure not to make that appointment too early. After all, the queen of the evening doesn’t want to have her roots showing.

And now for the boys: are you going to wear a neck tie or a bow tie? Does your outfit harmonize with your date’s dress? Have you thought about giving her a wrist corsage? Are you going to make a special entrance to the party, maybe in a limousine, vintage car, carriage, tractor or maybe even in a hot air balloon?

Now all you have to do is set the time of your departure. Whether you’re going with a date or with a group of friends, make sure you plan enough time for picture taking so you can immortalize this long-awaited moment.


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