Diesel Power Truck Center has opened an enormous state of the art diesel repair facility at the Smokey Park Highway in Candler, offering everything from truck and trailer repairs and preventative maintenance to computer diagnostics and full engine rebuilds.

The owner, his wife and six children were present at the grand opening. He addressed the crowd in his native Russian, and with the help of a translator made it abundantly clear that he and his staff give thanks to God, seek His blessings, and pray daily for the wellbeing of the drivers who make commerce possible on our nation’s highways.

Diesel Power Truck Center has over 50 highly trained technicians able to perform simple to heavy duty repairs, and over half a million dollars in parts inventory. Nazar Shkinder, Diesel Power manager and spokesman said, “We provide nothing but the best service fueled by the drive to be the best in the country, because we understand every minute you are down, is a mile lost in profit. If you are close to one of our repair facilities, we can have one of our service trucks come to you within minutes.” 

At the grand opening of Diesel Power, NC State Rep. Brian Turner praised the facility. “It’s a tremendous facility that will create some new jobs here in the community. It’s going to bring more traffic this way that will result in economic growth and development. We need to be doing more projects like this,” he said.

Sheriff Van Duncan said Diesel Power is a great community partner. “They have helped put a lot of folks back to work in our area, and as you can see they have a large work force. We’re glad to be here to help them prosper, do well, and keep providing work,” he said.

Christopher Thompkins said when he first arrived at Diesel Power the turbo booster actuator in his truck wasn’t working.

“I was frustrated and tried, because my truck wasn’t getting enough power to climb the mountains in North Carolina. However, the people at Diesel Power are wonderful. When I explained to them what I was experiencing they went right to work to fix the problem. Thank you guys, especially you Jason, you went above and beyond to make sure my truck was up and running.”

Laura Rose of Goforth Trucking said, “This company is amazing. We just got out here and got our new truck. Everyone is so nice, the shop is seriously impressive, and all the employees are happy with this company, excited to work for you all.”

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