Mountain Murders launched a podcast in December 2018, a show focusing on Appalachian true crime cases. The show’s producers, Heather and Dylan Packer, are natives of Haywood County.

Together, the duo is presenting a night of enchanting true crime, comedy and improv at a live show event on Friday, Oct. 23 at 8 p.m.

“What makes Mountain Murders unique is our focus on this underrepresented region. We try to defy stereotypes while focusing on well researched storytelling,” said Heather Packer. Heather brings 15 years experience as a seasoned journalist and radio personality to the show.

“Mountain Murders: A True Crime Podcast Live Show” will be performed at The Odditorium in Asheville, with a focus on moonshine and moonshine related murders. The live show will be preceded with a Q&A session and fan meet up. The show will be comprised of true crime cases, discussions, games and audience participation. Social distancing guidelines will be in place for the event.

“Our fan base has grown beyond our expectations over the course of 2020. We’re really thrilled to have an avenue to discuss our passion — true crime —and the live show is a wonderful way for us to connect with our audience. We really love what we do at Mountain Murders. We’re huge true crime fans ourselves,” said Dylan Packer.

Tickets will be pre-sold at $10 adults/$12 at the door. Tickets can be purchased online at or first come first serve at the door.

The full event will be recorded and distributed by the podcast after the show.

You can follow Mountain Murders @mountainmurders on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more information and updates. The Odditorium is located at 1045 Haywood Road in Asheville. Ages 21 and older.

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