24 Carolina Day School students demonstrated their language skills in the Foreign Language Competition at Western Carolina University. Upper School students gave short presentations, recited poems, spoke extemporaneously, and competed in a cultural quiz bowl. All of these activities were done completely in Spanish or French. Many CDS students were recognized for their strong skills:

Spanish Quiz Bowl:

First place: Ethan Baechtold, Elizabeth Goldstein, Margueritte Norton, Sara Wasserman

French Quiz Bowl:

Second place: Eliza Van Wye, Chrissie Champ, Madeline Smith, Spencer Bock

French Extemporary Speaking Level 4

First place: Madeline Smith

Second place: Spencer Bock

Spanish Extemporary Speaking Level 4

First place: Maddie Paulus

Second place: Karen Araya

French Extemporary Speaking Level 3

First place: Ian Wasserman

Spanish Extemporary Speaking Level 3

First place: Carson Slosman

French Poetry Recitation:

Third place: Kathleen Norton

Spanish Poetry Recitation:

Second place: Vince Antinori

French How to (Level 2)

First place: Katie Hull

Spanish How to (Level 2)

First place: Sierra Benepe ‘18

Third place: Zoe Fitzgerald

French Show & Tell (Level 1)

Second place: Alexandra Zahn ‘19

Spanish Show & Tell (Level 1)

First place: Ollie Diamond ‘18

Third place: Mickey Robertson ‘18

For more information about Carolina Day School, its prekindergarten through 12 independent day school program, call 828-274-0757 or visit carolinaday.org.


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