Asheville Hosts Installation of Officers at the Grand Lodge

Installation of 2016 Grand Lodge officers in the Asheville Masonic Temple theater Read More…

By Mark-Ellis Bennett The Biltmore Beacon

History was made recently at the Asheville Masonic Temple.

Mt. Hermon Lodge #118, located in the Asheville Masonic Temple at 80 Broadway, was host to the installation of officers for the 2016 Grand Lodge. Mt. Hermon’s officers for 2016 were installed later the same day. Both events the day’s events were free and open to the public.

In America every community has a Masonic Lodge, and every state has one Grand Lodge that presides over the various Lodges within. Masons have officers like other clubs and organizations, but due to it being the world’s oldest fraternal organization, the officers have titles that are sometimes unfamiliar.

For example, do Masons have an annually elected president? Of course they do, but is he called the president? Of course not, he referred to as the Master of the Lodge, and every Grand Lodge has an annually elected Grand Master. North Carolina’s Grand Lodge is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. After Masons are elected into office there is an installation ceremony.

Bryant Webster, the new Grand Master, said he thinks Masons are often hidden in plain sight.

“I think that Masons are an important part of their community. A lot of times we’re invisible, quietly doing good things in our community by just being who we are either as leaders in our community, contributing to and working with local charities and nonprofits. None of us really look for a lot of attention, but if you start peeling back the layers of who’s involved in your community I think you find there are a lot more Masons than you thought.”

Webster brought home his point with an automotive analogy. “You don’t pay much attention to the new station wagon until you buy one and begin to realize everybody around you got one too. He wants to remind Masons across the state of their stated mission, which is self-improvement and subscription to a moral code. “If we truly apply the lessons that our organization teaches to our lives we will become better people, and our wives, our families, our communities, our churches, and our government will all benefit,” he said.

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