Brother Wolf Animal Rescue and Asheville Humane Society are pitching in to help animals being evacuated from southern Mississippi, ahead of tropical storms Marco and Laura. The large transport of animals, coordinated by the Humane Society of the United States, will make stops in Nashville and Asheville to deliver animals early this week.

All of the animals on the transport were available for adoption in Gulfport, Mississippi, but due to the impending storms, needed to be evacuated. This week marks the fifteenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which included massive animal rescue efforts in its wake.

“Evacuating shelters ahead of the storms by transporting animals, keeps those animals safe and enables that community’s shelter to better respond to displaced animals after the storm hits,” said Leah Craig Fieser, Executive Director of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. “We’re happy to be able to provide this assistance to our friends in the Gulf who are bracing for the possibility of two hurricanes hitting within miles of each other over a 48 period.”

Though both animal welfare groups focus on animals much closer to home on any given week, they are stretching their capacity during this crisis to help even more. “We’re happy to assist our partners at the Humane Society of the United States with this lifesaving transport mission,” said Jody Evans, Executive Director of Asheville Humane Society. “Their proactive approach will provide so much relief to shelters who may be affected by two back-to-back storms. With support from our community, we can provide these evacuated animals with shelter, care and loving homes.”

The transported animals will receive any needed medical care upon arrival at Asheville Humane Society and Brother Wolf Animal Rescue and will then be made available for adoption. Both organizations are currently operating on an appointment based adoption system due to coronavirus. For more information about how you can adopt, please visit and

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