Inspired Change Yoga owner Carrie Myers began her journey into yoga after her first child was born.

“It was relaxing and rejuvenating to me,” she says.

Myers and a friend began going to different yoga studios where she discovered Baptiste yoga, which features a power workout in a heated room. Now she and other instructors teach similar power yoga classes along with others that range from basics and gentle flow for beginners to ones with more advanced techniques at her studio in Biltmore Park Town Square.

“We have just a little bit of everything,” Myers says. “We strive to provide our customers with a well-rounded offering to enhance the mind-body connection, provide physical outlets for stress and encourage raw expression and playfulness.”

In the boot camp yoga class, participants engage in a hard-core workout that features high-energy vigorous yoga flow with some light hand weights.

The sequence in the boot camp class includes fast-paced flow, planks, bodyweight and abdominal exercises and arm balances, plus deep stretches with a focus on breath.

Like many of the classes at Inspired Change Yoga, it takes place in a spacious room that is heated to 90 degrees. This temperature is quite a bit cooler than hot yoga classes held in rooms heated to 100-plus degrees, which Myers says she finds uncomfortable.

At Inspired Change Yoga, the align and flow class is a more mindful offering that allows participants to get into full alignment in each yoga pose and takes place in an unheated room.

Other class offerings include all levels flow that incorporates yoga postures in a fluid, flowing style, combining integration of breath with movement and alignment principals. Another class appropriately called cardiyoga features a mix of yoga and cardio designed to provide an energizing workout through freeing movement.

The flow and yin class leads participants through a mindful, gentle flow, ending with the power of Yin yoga, which allows for a deeper stretch by staying in seated or lying poses for a few minutes.

The power flow class is based on the journey into power sequence developed by Baron Baptiste, a practice that challenges both beginners and advanced students.

The class takes place in a warm room where participants will sweat while getting a total body workout. The studio also offers an unheated version of the power flow class for all levels of participants.

The mystical yoga class is focused on breath and making a mind, body and soul connections using traditional Shamanic methods and yoga.

Inspired Change Yoga also has recently started a meditation class, Myers notes.

Decorated in soft colors with attractive décor, the studio creates a special ambience for people taking classes. Going to a studio that is designed for yoga classes gives participants a different feeling than they might experience in a gymnasium, Myers says.

“The room and the air absorb that vibe. People feel it’s a place they need to be,” she remarks.

People of all ages take classes at Inspired Change Yoga, Myers says. One of the most experienced students is 75 years old.

“We have such a good variety of people,” she says.

Inspired Change Yoga offers a variety of options for class enrollment from an initial option of $30 for the first 30 days to unlimited classes priced at $89 a month.

The Community Heroes enrollment option of $39 per month for unlimited classes is designed for the benefit of first responders, nurses, teachers, employees of nonprofit organizations and military veterans.

Myers is a former social worker who worked in the Asheville school system before becoming a mother.

“It’s a very nice parallel here,” she says of her present work.

In addition to managing her studio, Myers also teaches yoga to seventh and eighth grade students at Valley Springs Middle School.

Inspired Change Yoga is at 2 Town Square Blvd. in Biltmore Park Town Square. For more information, visit the website at or call 828-230-0624.


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