Hillman Beer is a quintessential family business owned and operated by brothers Brad and Greig Hillman and Greig’s wife, Brandi Hillman. The brothers’ parents also have some ownership in the craft brewery. And Brandi’s mother served as the contractor for the extensive clean up and renovation of the building before the brewery opened in Biltmore Village nearly two years ago.

“We make great partners,” says Brandi. “The three of us divide and conquer.”

Getting the brewery up and running was a process, Brandi says. Brad had been a home brewer of beer for more than 10 years when he moved to Asheville and the idea for the brewery began to take shape more than three years ago.

The result of their efforts is a spacious, attractively decorated venue that offers a wide selection of craft beers along with a hearty food menu.

 “When we built this, it was important to have a significant food option,” Brandi says.

Those who come to the brewery can order everything at the bar and have food served to them, rather than making a trip upstairs to Rise Above Deli, a cooperative enterprise at the brewery.

“We want it to be easy for customers,” she says.

At Hillman Beer customers have a choice of 18 beers brewed in-house, which are a blend of classic styles ranging from Belgians to English and American.

“It’s a nice mix,” Brandi notes.

While selections do change with the season, popular offerings at Hillman Beer are Kolsch, a grainy-flavored German-style beer with a hint of sweetness and Mommabeer Brown, which is earthy and rustic with dark-roasted caramel notes. Other selections include Robust Porter with rich coffee and chocolate flavors and hints of black currants and Biere De Garde, a French farmhouse ale. 

The brewery also has cider and ginger beer offerings and selections of red and white wines for those who prefer other beverages.

“We know everyone doesn’t like beer,” Brandi says.

Just as in-house craft beers are brewed at Hillman Beer, the food at Rise Above Deli is freshly made from scratch, down to the breads and condiments. The deli also gets beef for sandwiches from Hickory Nut Gap Farm in Fairview, which produces organic meats and vegetables.

Sandwich choices include a classic Reuben that can be prepared with corned beef, smoked turkey or Smiling Hara Tempeh, pitas with falafel and salad and a patty melt 

made with sourdough bread, beef, caramelized onions, swiss and cheddar cheeses. Other menu options are kale salad, soft pretzels baked daily, knish and beer cheese baked with Hillman Beer.  Dessert options at the deli are Porter pecan pie and pretzel bread pudding.

For the Hillman family, supporting the community is an important component of the business, Brandi says.

“We really do try,” she remarks.

On Pint Nights, a portion of revenue from beer sales is contributed to 12 non-profit organizations.

Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue holds an adoption event the first Sunday of each month. And the Blood Connection comes to Hillman Beer every two months to receive donations of blood. Hillman Beer gives gift cards to blood donors.

Events are held at Hillman Beer for other charitable organizations including Outward Bound, R.E.A.C.H. and Pisgah Legal Services.

Hillman Beer at 25 Sweeten Creek Rd. is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Tuesday and from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. 

For more information, visit the website at www.hillmanbeer.com or call 828-505-1312.


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