Young plant in the morning light on nature background

Young plant in the morning light on nature background

Gardening in the Mountains presents: Living Soil on Thursday, Feb, 21 from 10 a.m. to noon at the  NC Cooperative Extension Buncombe County Center, located on 49 Mount Carmel Road, Asheville. 

The session will be led by Phil Roudebush, Extension Master Gardener Volunteer.

Given the vital importance of soil to our hobby and avocation, it is amazing that most gardeners don’t venture beyond the understanding that good soil supports plant life and poor soil doesn’t. You’ve undoubtedly seen worms in good soil and have come across other soil life: centipedes, springtails, ants, slugs, ladybird beetle larvae, and more. Healthy soil, however, is not just a few animals. Healthy soil is absolutely teeming with life.

This presentation focuses on all the forms of life found in healthy soil and how we can use this information to improve our gardening techniques.

The talk is free but registration is requested by calling 828-255-5522.


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