Dining Out For Life(DOFL) is an annual event benefiting HIV Prevention & Care that takes place in nearly 50 cities across the nation. This year, Dining Out For Life is on Thursday, April 25.

On April 25 participating restaurants in Asheville will donate 20 percent of their gross sales to the local HIV/AIDS Service Organization. In Western North Carolina, that organization is WNCAP.

“Dining Out For Life is WNCAP’s largest fundraiser. But the most important benefit is how many people are educated about the ongoing crisis of HIV/AIDS,” said WNCAP Executive Director Antonio del Toro.

Thousands of people in WNC are living with HIV, and many of them do not know their status. WNCAP helps our local community access HIV Prevention tools, including PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) a daily pill to help prevent HIV.

WNCAP also helps people living with HIV engage with medical care so that their viral load can become undetectable, creating effectively zero risk of transmitting HIV sexually. Resources generated by Dining Out For Life help people survive and thrive in a world where there remains ample stigma surrounding HIV.

Inspired by an exciting new brand strategy from Dining Out For Life International, WNCAP will embark on a forward-thinking and comprehensive marketing campaign for DOFL this year. New colors, logos, and fonts will appear on 15,000 pieces of promotional materials and over 350,000 copies of print advertisements. WNCAP is also heavily investing in digital ads, radio, television and billboards, and a targeted direct mail campaign.

WNCAP assembles a team of over 250 enthusiastic volunteers to help support Dining Out For Life.

“We work hard to recruit dependable community volunteers to serve as ‘Ambassadors’ during each meal shift at all of our Participating Restaurants,” said WNCAP Community Resource Coordinator Chris Winebrenner. “The Ambassador’s role is to invite their family, friends, and colleagues to come out to eat at their assigned restaurant. Volunteer Ambassadors will greet diners, thank them for supporting the event and offer up extra donation envelopes which will enter diners into a raffle for one of three great grand prizes. Simply by donating a few hours at their favorite participating restaurant, Ambassadors are able to make a crucial difference in the lives of people living with HIV in our community.”

If you would like more information about becoming an Ambassador, please email Chris at wncapvolunteer@wncap.org or visit wncap.org/DOFL.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 25 and make reservations today for Dining Out For Life. To see the list of 2019 Participating Restaurants, visit wncap.org.

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