Corner Kitchen Co-owners Kevin Westmoreland and Joe Scully.

Last month, Westmoreland & Scully, an Asheville-based restaurant group with a focus on guest satisfaction, sustainability, and community involvement, announced their two Asheville restaurants—Corner Kitchen and Chestnut—have been named winners of Wine Spectator’s annual Awards of Excellence.

For Chestnut, this marks the third year in a row they have received the honor.

The Award of Excellence “recognizes restaurants whose wine lists feature a well-chosen assortment of quality producers along with a thematic match to the menu in both price and style. Ranging in size from 90 selections to several hundred, these lists are well-focused and tend to emphasize discovery.”

Along with six other Asheville restaurants, Corner Kitchen and Chestnut will be listed among the other winners in Wine Spectator’s annual dining guide in the August 31 issue of the magazine.

“We’re grateful to Wine Spectator for once again including us on this prestigious list,” said Kevin Westmoreland, co-owner of both restaurants. “Having the perfect wine to complement the occasion, whether it’s a celebratory dinner, a romantic evening out, or a family gathering, can transform a meal into an event. We don’t simply want to feed people—we want them to create unforgettable memories. Making sure everyone who dines with us has the right accompaniment to complete their experience is just one of the ways we work to delight everyone who walks through our doors.”

Today Westmoreland & Scully also announced the continuation of a long-running collaborative tradition this fall. On Nov. 5, Joe Scully and Steve Pignatiello are coming together to commemorate the relationship between Thomas Jefferson and all things French—especially the wine. Corner Kitchen executive chef David Van Tassel and Joe will create a special menu just for the night—keep an eye on for more details as November approaches.


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