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Drawing on the world-class climate expertise that lives and works in Asheville, North Carolina, Climate School Asheville (CSAVL) will open with three short-course offerings, expressly for business leaders: Climate-Smart Success Stories will feature businesses rooted in profitable, innovative solutions to current and coming climate challenges.

The prerequisite for Success Stories is Executive Climate 101 where basic concepts and vocabulary empower participants to explore new ideas. A third offering—Climate Clinic—is a customized session, bringing tailored expertise to specific business challenges and solutions.

Climate School Asheville was officially launched in July 2020 in The Collider. According to Sherry Wheat, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of the company, “Climate School Asheville connects innovation-minded business leaders with globally-minded climate experts to identify climate opportunities.”

As the climate services sector continues to grow and cities across the country increase their climate mitigation and adaptation efforts, Climate School Asheville acknowledges that the private sector will play a pivotal role in sustainability. The company is in a unique position to educate businesses on the effects of climate change and empower them to take a proactive stance within their communities.

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