Representatives from the four partner schools and the Colloso family at the Truss Signing Celebration on Nov. 14.

The weather may have been cold on Nov. 14 but hearts were warm as Carolina Day School students gathered on Jon Kraus Way with partner schools Asheville Christian Academy, Christ School, and the Franklin School of Innovation to celebrate the start of this year's Habitat for Humanity Student Build.

The Truss Signing Celebration also recognized the partner family, Kerri Colloso and her family, who will move into the house when it is completed.

Karen Araya '19 and Catherine Davis '20 spoke at the Truss Signing on behalf of Carolina Day School. Karen spoke of the benefits of being involved in a student build with partner schools, saying, “Having these four schools involved in Habitat creates a stronger relationship between students, awareness of the need for affordable housing, and a sense of involvement that comes from giving back to our community.”

Catherine highlighted the teamwork felt in this multi-school student build. “At our group meetings, we always have something new to learn from each other, and because of this, we gain new understanding and new ideas about how we can achieve our common goal. It is powerful to see that each school is willing to work together to provide a helping hand for Habitat members and the family we cherish. We are more than honored to be helping out and working with Kerri’s family.”

Working with its partner schools, CDS students have already put in several build days at the home site in south Asheville, and they look forward to continuing progress on the build over the next several months. Construction aims to be completed in February, and in April the partner schools will join Habitat in “passing the key” to the Colloso family.

Over the last four years, CDS students have raised funds and worked on building sites to sponsor an Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity home every two years. Involvement with Habitat for Humanity gives students an opportunity to nurture a love for their community and develop an awareness of the need for affordable housing. Learn more about the CDS student partnership with Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity at


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