Carolina Day School has taken a significant step in reducing its carbon footprint and energy costs by installing a 112-kilowatt solar system. The system, leased by Eagle Solar and Light, will produce approximately 140,130-kilowatt hours annually, just under half of the Upper School building’s annual usage, valued at over $11,500. According to estimates by the Environmental Protection Agency, the clean energy produced is comparable to 34 tons of waste being recycled instead of landfilled annually or offsetting 108,331 pounds of coal burned.

Peggy Daniels, interim head of school, said “Installing solar at Carolina Day School is a visible and powerful demonstration of our belief that clean energy benefits our students and our community. This is an important component of our commitment as a North Carolina Green School of Excellence. It will also reduce our energy costs. Eagle Solar helped us make this a reality with the lease option, which means we can enjoy both the qualitative and quantitative benefits of rooftop solar at a significantly lower cost than if we had made an outright purchase.”

Sam Yates, CEO of Eagle Solar and Light, said, “We are excited to partner with Carolina Day School on this project, and will service the system for the duration of the lease term. This is our first lease for a school since being approved by the North Carolina Utilities Commission to offer solar leases, and now other churches and schools are following the CDS lead.”

Eagle Solar & Light has been active in North Carolina since 2016 and has an office in Chapel Hill. Eagle Solar & Light is a regional leader in designing, financing and installing solar energy systems that offer long-term financial and environmental benefits. For more information, contact Scott Alexander at


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