Blossoms and the Baggie Goose, a wedding and event design service and stationery shop in Biltmore Park Town Square, are merging into a rebranded venture called Blossoms Creative.

“We’re focusing on the core elements of our business that are growing,” says Alan Kirsch, one of the owners of the two related businesses.

Blossoms Creative will continue offering comprehensive design services for events, including printed invitations and custom stationery. However, the retail store is closing the end of the month.

The floral component of the business is flourishing, and focusing on that makes sense, Kirsch says. It also makes sense to let go of the permanent retail space in Biltmore Park Town Square, he adds.

“We do more than just the flowers,” Kirsch says, discussing services offered. “We’re really known for our installation pieces with custom-built dramatic elements … We completely transform spaces.”

Blossoms designers have created everything from special lighting and water features to an 8-foot flower peacock, he notes. They also offer assistance with smaller details such as boutonnieres while working to include design elements that reflect the individual style and interests of clients.

Flowers are a core component of services provided, however, and Blossoms uses professional floral designers for projects to ensure high quality and creativity.

“Our approach to floral design is to make each flower arrangement a work of art,” Kirsch says.

Fresh flowers used for designs are sourced from local growers as much as possible. Also, with current methods of shipment, imported flowers such as tulips from Holland often arrive soon after they are ordered, Kirsch says.

Although the retail shop is closing, the production work for weddings and events, which has been taking place at a design studio in North Asheville, will continue in that space.

“We’ll still have that,” Kirsch says.

Blossoms Creative also uses a co-op space at Engaged in Reynolds Mountain for consultations. However, most meetings with clients take place at the venue where an event is planned, Kirsch says. Brides usually have decided on a venue and date before making arrangements for the decorative elements of their weddings, he notes.

Although the vast majority of the business is centered on weddings, Blossoms Creative also provides décor for corporate and milestone events, says Kirsch.

While closing the retail shop at Biltmore Park Town Square is advantageous for the business, Kirsch says he will miss aspects of it.

“We love getting to know the customers and will miss those relationships,” he says.

In the final weeks at the shopping center, the Baggie Goose is having its first and last sale, says Hirsch.

He, Audrey Kirsch and Adrienne Kort have owned the Baggie Goose for the past 10 years after buying the business that had been in existence for 45 years from a previous owner.

A few years ago the present owners relocated the shop to Biltmore Park Town Square along with Blossoms, which they created 14 years ago.

While Kirsch says it’s been great to be in the Biltmore Park neighborhood, he and his co-owners are looking forward to new opportunities with Blossoms Creative.

For more information about Blossoms Creative and its services, call 828-650-6464.

BC logo 1: The logo for Blossoms Creative


Blossoms 1: Blossoms Creative owners Audrey Hirsch, Alan Hirsch and Adrienne Kort are beginning a rebranded venture.


Blossoms 2: Blossoms Creative provided design elements for an event at the Biltmore Estate.


Blossoms 3: Floral designs for weddings are a key element of services provided by Blossoms Creative.


Blossoms 5: Lighting is incorporated into events designed by Blossoms Creative


Blossoms 6: Blossoms Creative designed this 8-foot peacock covered in flowers.


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