Earl B. Hunter Jr.

Earl B. Hunter Jr., founder of Black Folks Camp Too. Photo credit: Steven Reinhold

The WNC Made By Mountains Partnership and Black Folks Camp Too have announced a new “Return On Inclusion” campaign to engage Black folks from surrounding Southeastern metro areas to enjoy Western North Carolina’s outdoors, and explore entrepreneurial and job opportunities in the Outdoor Industry Hub of the East.

“Black folks are the fastest growing segment in the camping and RV industries and this audience will be vital for continued growth over the next five years,” says founder and President of Black Folks Camp Too, Earl B. Hunter Jr.

“There is a deep generational fear and a significant knowledge gap about the outdoors among Black people, as well as a lack of invitation to participate. Our team of marketing and social media experts can help outdoor brands and retailers, campgrounds, RV dealers, national and state parks, and anyone else looking to drive sales, expand their business through diversity,” he said.

The effort will create and share more culturally relevant ideas that better reflect diverse representation in the outdoor economy, and invite Black folks from nearby metros like Charlotte, Greensboro and Atlanta to tap into the region’s outdoor industry ecosystem, discover job opportunities, and add support for both new and existing outdoor ventures.

At the center of the Black Folks Camp Too logo is the Unity Blaze: a symbol that means “Treat Everyone, Everywhere, Equally.”

“Our job is to educate. Black Folks Camp Too believes that once we get everybody around that campfire, we will start having amazing conversations, and we’ll find out we got more sames than we have differences. We are changing the world…one campfire at a time folks,” says Hunter, Jr.

The Made By Mountains Partnership is a collaborative of organizations and businesses working to expand the outdoor industry and economy across North Carolina’s Appalachian region by building vibrant outdoor communities, driving outdoor industry expansion, and increasing market access and recognition.

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