AVL regional airport

For Asheville Regional Airport (AVL), 2022 was a record year for passenger usage, with 1,838,793 passengers flying to or from AVL. That’s a 29% increase over 2021, and the highest number of passengers ever served in one year.

More passengers in and out of Asheville means more dollars, too. The North Carolina Department of Transportation Division of Aviation economic impact study showed that AVL contributes $2.26 billion in annual economic impact to the region. The airport supports 10,655 jobs, contributes $118 million in tax revenue to the region, and more than $700 million in personal income.

“The airport continues to be an anchor organization in Western North Carolina, providing global connectivity for residents and visitors, as well as contributing to the economic vitality of the entire region,” said Lew Bleiweis, A.A.E., president and CEO. “Our growth is linked directly to our local travelers’ willingness to fly from their local airport, the commitment our airline partners have made to serve our region and grow their air service, and to the increasing popularity of the area as a nationally known travel destination. Now the third-busiest airport in the state, the impact of our airport continues to expand, which is very good for our region.”

In total, North Carolina’s publicly owned airports are an important sector in the overall economic makeup of the state. Airports contribute $72 billion to the state’s economy, which is approximately 11% of the state’s total Gross Domestic Product, or total economic output.

“Our board is deeply focused on the significant growth our region’s airport has experienced, and the plans occurring to manage that growth and the future are exciting,” said Brad Galbraith, Greater Asheville Regional Airport Authority board chair. “Visionary work is underway, and the results will serve our region and its airport for decades into the future. It’s imperative work, as our region’s airport is a major cornerstone of Western North Carolina for personal and business travel.”

AVL is served by six airline partners: Allegiant, American, Delta, JetBlue, Sun Country and United, who offer nonstop service to 25 unique airport destinations throughout the country. To learn more, visit www.flyavl.com.

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