The Haunted Farm is back, and this year’s brave attendees should get ready to experience Billy Tate's revenge.

When Billy Joe Tate never showed to his secret wedding to Missy Mae Lively, an era of terror and death came to plague the Lively farm and the small town of Hendersonville. Nobody knew why Billy would stand up his beautiful bride-to-be, nor what happened to him — Until now. 

“This is the story of what happened to the handsome young Billy, why he missed his wedding, and the bloody rage that would befall the perpetrators of Billy's untimely demise,” said Daniel Ballard, director of marketing and PR for The Haunted Farm.

But the story of Billy Tate is just a small part of the Legend of The Haunted Farm. 

“Each year we are telling more and more of the story involving Missy Mae Lively, her tragic love for Billy Joe Tate, and the family feud that tore them apart,” Ballard said. 

But is it true? Guests will have to visit the farm to find out.

Billy Tate

Located in rural farmland near Hendersonville, The Haunted Farm sits on a mysterious, blood-soaked stretch of land where the forlorn and deranged Missy Mae Lively eternally pines for her lost groom.

The Haunted Farm, voted as the Best Haunted Attraction in N.C. last year, is located at 624 Townsend Road in Hendersonville. Now with the status as “Best in N.C.” the farm is constantly striving to improve. 

“We are always watching our scares and actors to tighten and improve the timing and performances,” Ballard said. “Every year we get better and better. We also push to make sure we add something great and new to the experience every season. As guests are leaving, we are doing exit interviews and seeking as much feedback as possible so that we can always be improving.”

Simply looking at photos of the characters at the farm will send chills down your back. But visiting the farm is the real deal — guests will come \face to face with the gory, eerie monsters in The Dark Woods, The Demon Hay Shed, and The Slaughterhouse, The Haunted Hayride, The Depths of Terror, The Haunted Trail, and The Meathouse. 


“We have a fantastic makeup designer, Alicia Solesby, and a truly wonderful costume designer, Christine Rogers,” Ballard said. “One of our owners is also largely responsible for curating and researching high level industry mask makers, so that all of our masks are exceptional and professional. Our attraction comes together so well because we have a remarkable and dedicated team.” 

The tours opened last weekend and continue Oct. 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27, 30 and Halloween night. The farm is open from 6 p.m. until midnight.

Admission is $25 or $40 when you purchase a $40 Fast pass.

Come out to Hendersonville and become part of the story — it’s the only way to learn the fate of young Billy Joe Tate.

Guests will be experience 55 minutes of terrifying excitement and fun.

For more information, visit


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