Fans of the cult classics, ‘80s series Alpha Flight will likely be excited to know that Marvel Comics is launching a new ongoing series entitled “Gamma Flight.” This new team is led by Puck from the original Alpha team.

Sasquatch also will be returning as a part of “Gamma Flight,” but the rest of the characters in the team’s lineup are new, including Titania, Absorbing Man, a twisted version of Rick Jones, and Dr. Charlene McGowan.

No longer will they be hunting the Hulk, after not only failing in their goal of stopping him and even switching over to his side, but now are faced by a dark and powerful threat that is coming after them.

“Gamma Flight” is much more than just a spinoff from the immensely popular Immortal Hulk series, it’s a brand new chance for some of the original characters from Alpha Flight to stand on their own again.

Such a team of misfits, reformed villians, and gamma-born monsters is sure to have plenty of emotional drama, as well as good old-fashioned Marvel action.

The dynamics are in place for this new series to become just as much of a cult hit as Alpha Flight proved to be.

This new series launches on June 23 with several variant covers. Will the team truly live up to the level of quirky awesomeness that Alpha Flight had? Only time will tell.

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