Finding local farms, food and the next weekend adventure is as easy as opening your phone with the Visit NC Farms app.

This mobile experience is free and available for download from the Apple or Android store, or

Developed by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the app is a one-stop shop to find farms and fisheries, local food and drink, farm stays, local events and more in Buncombe County.

The Visit NC Farms app offers more than just a connection to local farms and farmers markets, it aims to increase agriculture viability by providing a platform for businesses that have not been traditionally considered a part of the landscape.

The app’s Shop Local and Local Food & Drink features connect consumers with the local agriculture community by spotlighting businesses using local products on their menus and in stores. Users of the app also can stay abreast of local events hosted by agribusinesses in the community by searching through the Special Events tab and by keeping an eye out for weekly push notifications.

Chefs and local restaurant owners can utilize the app as a way to explore the local food scene and find a wider variety of growers and producers in this region.

The Visit NC Farms app will help residents and tourists discover hidden treasures and become more involved and invested in Buncombe’s agriculture sector. Once explored, the app makes it easy to connect with Buncombe County agribusinesses in over 57 counties (and counting) across North Carolina.

The NC Farms app is free and is supported by the Buncombe County Soil and Water Conservation District, Buncombe NC Farm Bureau Insurance, and the Buncombe nonprofit Farm Bureau Board.

For more information, or to include a business on the app, visit

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