Barn Door Ciderworks is kicking off a new kitchen series June 17 that promises to engage friends, family and neighbors.

The concept is simple and by design should offer visitors plenty of good times and tasty bites.

Each month the cidery will invite someone who loves to cook to become a kitchen guest. The guest will have control of the Barn Door kitchen to create one to three small items that will become part of the tasting room menu for the weekend, and hopefully for the remainder of the year.

The first guest in the kitchen will be Katy Triplet, a local artist who loves to cook and is continuously experimenting and honing her kitchen skills.

Barn Door Ciderworks co-owners Katie Moore and Dan Fowler have shared many meals with Triplet and thought she would be a fantastic first chef for the series. “I am so excited, and somewhat nervous to help Barn Door kick off this fun event. As a cider lover and someone who loves to make and share meals with friends, the Barn Door kitchen is the perfect place for me,” Triplet said.

When Moore and Fowler began conceptualizing Barn Door Ciderworks, their mission was clear: Produce a variety of heritage craft dry ciders that uphold the tradition of cider drinking as part of meals, social gatherings and celebrations.

Opening during a pandemic put quite a damper on the gathering part of their vision. But now that COVID restrictions are lifting, the full mission is coming closer to reality.

“It has been a challenge to keep our vision alive when all we were allowed to do was welcome customers in the front door and then point them to the back door,” Fowler said. “As our name suggests, Barn Door Ciderworks is a simple idea, with the modest goal of providing an inviting place to gather with friends to try some traditional, dry cider with some deliciously simple food.”

Moore and Fowler look forward to having more customers visit the cidery, while also keeping it down to earth.

Kitchen guests are scheduled for July 15 and Aug. 5, with Landis Lacey and Judi Janofsky, respectively.

Some of the kitchen guests will be contributing their portion of the night’s food sales to a non-profit. For the first series, on June 17, Triplet will be donating proceeds to an animal shelter.

So, if you love to cook, and most of all enjoy sharing your creations with friends, contact Moore at 828-484-1586 for a chance to be selected as a future guest chef.

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