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Jeannette Carrillo, Editor, Biltmore Beacon

The results are in. Thank you to all those who submitted feedback via our recent reader survey. The questionnaire appeared in the Beacon for three weeks and we collected a wealth of information on what you like, what doesn’t really do it for you and what you want to see more of.

In the “what you like” category, readers responded overwhelmingly that Arts and Entertainment and Dining are topics they care a lot about. No surprise seeing that we’ve all been pretty much locked up for the last year.

On that front, the good news is that readers responded that they think we’re doing a good job covering the community’s food and entertainment scene. The better news is that we will continue to discover great spaces to enjoy time out at with family and friends, or a delicious new spot for date night. As entertainment and culinary options begin to open up more and more every day, we will be right there, reporting on it for you.

The Beacon has a dedicated dining writer in Carol Viau, who has been covering Asheville’s food and beverage scene for years. Rest assured, now that she’s fully vaccinated she’ll be hitting the ground to reestablish her contacts and build new ones.

Several readers also responded that they’d like to see a bit more news related to business, outdoors and pets. That, too, we can do.

In addition to stories, several responses floated the idea of the possibility of adding sections, like an event calendar, a classified ad section, and a resource directory for newly relocated residents looking to make their home and garden spaces their own. All awesome ideas and ones we have added to our to-do list.

For example, on Page 3B, you will notice that we’ve added an events calendar. Like all great ideas, it’s a start and our pledge to you that we took your comments to heart, and we are working on ways to make them happen.

In case you didn’t get a chance to respond to the reader survey, or if you’ve thought of another idea after you submitted your form, drop us a line at We always look forward to hearing from you.

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