In 2019, zombie apocalypse horror met the DC Comics Universe in an Elseworlds mini-series entitled “Dceased.” Most of the Justice League fell to the horrors of the Anti-Life virus and what few remained fled the Earth, along with a bit over 6 million survivors in space arks built by Lex Luthor and Superman.

Not everyone escaped Earth, however. There were those that got left behind — the Unkillables.

Led by Commissioner Gordan and Deathstroke, the Red Hood, Captain Cold, Solomon Grundy, Cheetah, the Creeper, Bane, Lady Shiva, Deadshot and few others come together to protect an orphanage of children in the ruins of Bludhaven. The plot line really gives these characters a chance to shine.

Grundy becomes a likable, friendly giant; Cheetah claims one of the children as her personal ward, while Bane finds new purpose in life.

None of the heroes are truly unkillable, but a few like Deathstroke, Grundy and the Creeper are immune to the Anti-Life virus, giving them an edge in the fight to survive. Sadly, though, Superman was dealt with in space by the Green Lantern Corps as humanity fled to the stars. Wonder Woman was infected by him and still roams the Earth, eradicating all life she encounters.

The Unkillables suffer a sneak attack by an infected Mirror Master that forces them to abandon the orphanage and make a run for The Garden, a supposed safe haven for living humans in Gotham. Wonder Woman finds them along the way and many of the Unkillables are torn apart by her in a heart-wrenching battle.

“Dceased: The Unkillables” is superbly well written and will certainly tug at a reader’s heartstrings. The art is a bit lackluster for such a huge Elseworlds event, but is by no means truly bad. If you’re a fan of the horror and the DC Universe, the entire Dceased storyline is more than worth checking out.

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