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Every year since 2010, Carolina Day Upper School students in the Society of Literature, Art, Music, and Media (SLAMM), have been honored with awards and recognition from the NC Literary and Historical Association for their student magazine.

This year, however, they garnered a first-place prize, tied with Durham School of the Arts. The students, accompanied by their English teacher Susan White, will travel to Raleigh later this month to receive their trophy.

SLAMM—comprised of students who voluntarily meet weekly during lunch—inspired, collected, edited, and formatted student and faculty writing, artwork, and music to produce both a printed and online version of Penumbra.

The faculty adviser is Susan White, the Editor in Chief was Ian Wasserman ’18, the Art and Design editors were Ollie Diamond ’18 and Zoe Eshan ’18, and the staff included Chris Champ ’18, Mary Manning Holmes ’20, Ellie Cross ’20, Helena Marmalejos ’21, Catherine Davis ’20, and Juliana Fortini ’20. 

Though students receive no academic credit for the tremendous amount of work they put into producing this literary magazine, they find satisfaction in showcasing the artistic talents of the members within our small, vibrant community. "I am ecstatic that Carolina Day School’s 2018 literary journal, Penumbra, was awarded first place. The word is out that Carolina Day School’s Upper School is bursting with creative talent," says White.

In all categories, the publication drew the highest rankings. Categories included overall appearance, design, proofreading, quality of artwork, quality of prose, quality of poetry, content balance, and creativity. Penumbra received the highest possible score, 40 out of 40.

"I loved some of the stories here—very well done. I hope you (the authors) plan to go to UNC-creative writing! Most impressive work. Very mature and creative," said competition judge Ruth Moose in her entry notes.*

Read Penumbra.

*Ruth Moose has taught creative writing at UNC-Chapel Hill since l996. Author of two books of short stories, The Wreath Ribbon Quilt (St. Andrews Press) and Dreaming in Color (August House) as well as five other poetry collections, her poems and stories have appeared Atlantic MonthlyRedbookPrairie SchoonerYankeeThe Nation, and Christian Science Monitor.


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