Paris on Broadway

Matthew Hanna, clarinet, left, Keith Freeburg, double bass, Rita Hayes, flute, Byron Hedgepeth, drums and Christopher Tavernier, piano, aim to delight audiences with a fun and engaging program.

The 3rd annual Music Festival presents a “Parisian Tango on Broadway” at the Thomas Auditorium on the Blue Ridge Community College campus (180 W. Campus Drive) in Flat Rock at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 14.

“This is a jazz-style program that classical musicians will thoroughly enjoy and everyone else will truly love,” said Joann Freeburg, founder of the Music Foundation of WNC.

The inspiration for the program centered around offering something playful and delightful for what organizers said is probably the first concert for many in a while.

Add in a mix of Latin and jazz and it doesn’t get much better than that.

“What’s interesting with this program, despite being very different styles of music, all of the pieces are very rhythmically driven and stylized,” said pianist Christopher Tavernier. “Within that though you have very different genres, of course, with the latinesque melodies of the Marquez and the D’Rivera and the bombastic brassy textures of the Gershwin and the intricate layering of Bernstein. It’s very difficult to provide the range of those extremities with just a piano and clarinet, but that’s what makes this program challenging for us and engaging for the audience.”

The finale of the festival will be the “2nd Suite” of the late French jazz pianist and composer Claude Bolling.

The 50-minute, eight-segment jazz excursion is written for a quartet of flute, piano, string bass and drums.

Program selections will include “Zarabandeo;” “The Cape Cod Files; “Libertango;” West Side Story — “Jet Song” and “Something’s Coming;” “Clarinet Sonata;” “Rhapsody in Blue: and “Suite No. 2 for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio.”

Admission to the concert is free; organizers recommend arriving one hour early for seating.

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