By Whitney Cooper

Biltmore Village welcomes its newest business, Joyryder a boutique indoor cycling studio this month at 14 Lodge St. in Biltmore Village.

Founded by cycling and music enthusiast, Dana Marsh, and her partner, Patty Reedy, Joyryder opened its doors on July 8, offering 32 bikes in the studio for riders to select online in celebration of the opening ride.

Joyryder is an experience and less of a typical fitness class, said Marsh. We are the first rhythm-based indoor cycling studio to come to Asheville. What that means is rather than simulating a road ride with music in the background, we actually ride inside the music. We drop our right foot on the beat every time it hits, like dancing. So it truly is all about the music.

Marsh was a lifelong athlete and who played ice hockey at Colgate, and continued fitness into her adult years, where she began her cycling journey in the Los Angeles spinning community upon winning a membership to a local gym in 2003. The Instructor, Sue Molnar (now a SoulCycle Master Instructor and friend of the Joyryder team), used her personal classic rock playlist to create a unique atmosphere in the studio that Marsh saw potential in.

She didnt play typical workout music, said Marsh, She played old rock that we could all sing along to and we all rode to the beats of those songs. That got me hooked because I love rock and roll, and after riding for a couple of years I felt inspired to lead the pack and make my own playlists.

Marshs inspiration led her to teach indoor cycling for five years in Los Angeles, followed by another two years in New York City where she taught at SoulCycle a growing indoor cycling chain. After returning to Los Angeles, the idea of Joyryder named in honor of Marshs late mother started to evolve and Marsh and Reedy also a fitness enthusiast who worked as a super intendant at one of the most renowned country clubs in the country decided to move to Asheville to open Joyryder.

We [had fallen in love with Asheville and said This is where Joyryder could be born, said Marsh. We wanted to create a space where people could escape the stress and the drama of their lives and smile. A place where transformation could take place, a music sanctuary, but most of all a place where people could find their own joy.

Joyryder classes called Joyrydes are 45-minute indoor cycling classes (or one-hour classes called Pryde and Joy) designed around the beat of a music playlist and a full body workout. The classes are not separated by fitness level, but all levels are in every class. Pricing starts at $22 for one class, and numerous packages are available at discounted prices, as well.

We are huge animal lovers and will eventually host charity rides to benefit rescue organizations. We will also offer fun theme rides to make things more interesting. These rides will be posted on the schedule so youll know what youre walking into, said Marsh.

In addition to classes, the studio offers free of charge: Towels, lockers, showers, and a blow dry bar for those who want to work out before or after work/school. Cycling shoes are also available for rent for $2, or you can bring your own.

For more information regarding Joyryder, including its opening festivities, scheduling, joining the mailing list and other information, please visit or find them on Instagram and Facebook as Joyrydercycle.

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