The WNCAP Mini Docs will premiere on World AIDS Day – Tuesday, Dec.1, 2020. These seven short documentaries will tell the inspirational stories of several extraordinary individuals, from all walks of life in our WNC community, that have been affected by HIV and substance use.

The WNCAP Mini Docs are seven short documentaries that will premiere on on WNCAP’s website, social media channels, and e-newsletter.

The filmmaker behind the WNCAP Mini Docs is Francine Cavanaugh, an Asheville-based documentarian with a rich history of producing documentaries for nonprofit organizations and social justice causes.

The “feature” Mini-Doc will showcase various aspects of WNCAP’s services, including HIV testing, case management, advocacy and outreach, harm reduction, and PrEP services.

The six additional Mini Docs will each focus on a different extraordinary individual who has been affected by HIV or substance use. Profiles include:

Jade, a young transgender woman from Shelby, North Carolina, who faces stigma every day in her small town but refuses to be anyone other than her authentic self.

Giovanni, who initially struggled with his HIV diagnosis before becoming empowered as an advocate, volunteer, and finally a full-time WNCAP Case Manager.

Miss Betty, a 96-year old woman from Franklin, North Carolina, who volunteers to assemble harm reduction kits for people who inject drugs in the far western part of the state.

Jody, who was diagnosed with HIV late in life and who has found purpose as a WNCAP Community Navigator and HIV advocate.

By telling these inspirational and compelling personal stories, the WNCAP Mini Docs will help de-stigmatize HIV and harm reduction, as well as educate the community about the importance of HIV prevention and care.

The whole community is invited to follow WNCAP on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter throughout the day on World AIDS Day — Tuesday, Dec. 1 — to view the premieres of all seven WNCAP Mini Docs. Folks can also subscribe to the WNCAP e-newsletter at

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