The COVID-19 Pandemic has significantly impacted how we interact with the world. Many of us are staying home more and moving less and this shift in physical activity is negatively affecting the health and wellness of our community.

Did you know that a lack of regular physical activity can lead to inflammatory responses which can aggravate known disease or contribute to new health issues? One local wellness studio helps their clients move more during this stressful time through yoga, fitness classes, and health coaching.

Further Wellness Studio co-founders Karen Furhman and Katina Turner developed a unique blend of classes called “The Further Formula.”

This results-driven combination of classes incorporates cardio and body resistance-strength training, as well as yoga to give clients the ability to burn fat and calories while obtaining strength and flexibility.

“The mission of The Further Formula is to fuel clients potential to be in the best possible shape that they can be, while also finding that mind body connection we all desire,” said Karen Fuhrman.

In addition, Karen Fuhrman and Katina Turner are certified Holistic Health Coaches, graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. They offer personalized health and wellness coaching programs that complement their fitness classes.

Karen is a 500 hr. Registered Yoga Teacher formerly with Down Under Yoga in Boston, Massachusetts and is currently getting her physical training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Further Wellness Studio opened on Sept. 7, and is already making great strides helping their clients on their personal health journey. Further Wellness is hosting an open house event on Oct. 22 at their studio 900 Hendersonville Road on Oct. 22. The event begins at noon. and runs through 8 p.m.

Along with classes Further Wellness Studio has a lifestyle boutique curated by Katina Turner & Heather Campbell of The Blake in Columbia South Carolina.

The boutique features skincare and wellness products in addition to clothing and accessories.

For more, visit www.furtherwellnessgroup.com.

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