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The best solution for complaining kids is to keep them busy.

The best solution for constant complaining from your children this summer is to keep them busy. Here are a few suggestions for some enjoyable summer outings that they won’t soon forget.

Get them moving! There’s nothing better than a day of climbing up and down, sliding, and running around for working off excess energy.

• Forest adventure course: enjoy some fresh air and play games in the treetops. This challenging experience will be both unique and stimulating.

• Water park: a perfect summer outing. Water parks are good for hours of pleasure for the entire family.

• Climbing: many centers offer introductory indoor climbing courses for children. Experienced professionals are there to supervise, so parents don’t need to worry about their kids’ safety.

Give them some excitement! Kids love activities that give them an adrenaline rush.

• Amusement parks: a classic summer activity. A day trying out all the rides is great fun for children of all ages.

• Go-karting: many centers welcome families on exciting circuits that are sometimes open in the evening. This is a great activity for thrill seekers.

Discover the kingdom of animals! Nature and animals are sure to fascinate any child.

• Zoo: the discovery and observation of exotic animals is like going on safari with your children. Many zoos offer educational and interactive activities that will appeal to all ages.

• Riding center: even little kids can discover the pleasures of horse riding. A safe excursion with an experienced guide could be the start of a lifelong passion.

Don’t forget about throwing some relaxation into the mix: an outing to the movies, the drive-in, a museum, or a round of mini-golf are great for low-energy days. Even the most active of children need a bit of rest!

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