Dr. Daniel Campolieto

Dr. Daniel Campolieto is the owner/dentist of Brilliant Dental located on Biltmore Avenue.

Have you ever found yourself standing in the toothbrush aisle confused as to what toothbrush you should purchase? There are so many options in today’s world, knowing that your toothbrush is the right “fit” for you can be challenging. Do you pick based on size, shape, comfort, bristles, firmness – there are simply too many choices. This one is good for gums, this one is good for whitening, this one is good because it has a tongue brush.

Maybe you’re an electric toothbrush groupie. Then there is the additional choice of toothpaste, don’t even get me started on toothpaste. Do you judge and select based on the advice of your hygienist and what is put into your take home bag, or better yet, do you follow what “4 out of 5 dentists recommend” on your cable TV?

I’ve tried them all from the ninety-nine cent dollar store specials to the Philips Sonicare and the Instagram star Quip. Not because one is inherently better than the rest but because l want to know and understand the products l recommend to my patients.

To best advise my patients and help them achieve optimum oral health I must understand how these toothbrushes work. And do you know what l found after all my beta testing? A toothbrush is a toothbrush is a toothbrush.

Some readers out there, consumers and dentists alike will say, “but Dr. Campolieto the Sonicare revolutionized how I care for my mouth” or “I like the round head of the Oral-B” or “the Quip is so gentle.” The main goal of your toothbrush is to clean and protect your teeth and the surrounding tissues. Here is what I say to you, if you are brushing your teeth twice a day (and flossing of course) that is what matters. Electric or manual I feel is a personal preference – all I ask is that you brush.

Dr. Daniel Campolieto is the owner/dentist of Brilliant Dental located on Biltmore Avenue.


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