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PHD Weight Loss is at 1833 Hendersonville Rd. in south Asheville.

The majority of us are struggling to attain our optimal weight. We try our very best to follow the conventional guidelines with which we are inundated. We are told to move more, eat less, that we should have greater willpower, and that we should simply “eat everything in moderation.”

Current statistics show that more than 40% of the US is struggling with obesity and twice that are overweight. This proves that these proposed solutions to overcoming weight gain and illness don’t work for the majority of us.

If we cut right to the chase, we are finding that metabolic variability, or in other words, teaching the body how to burn fat for fuel, allows many of us to experience better health and wellness. To achieve this metabolic shift, in general, we need to look at our carbohydrate intake, moderate protein, and increase the dietary fat in our diet. The reason why carbohydrate reduction is effective in treating overweight, obesity and a plethora of other health conditions, is because they have the most profound stimulus on how we metabolize other nutrients and how our body regulates fat metabolism.

If you’ve suffered from weight issues (particularly if your excess fat stores surround your stomach), it’s likely you are intolerant to carbohydrates on some level; you have a dysfunctional response following carbohydrate consumption. This is not your fault. It is not a flaw in personality or a lack of willpower and discipline. It’s simply how your body responds to various nutrients.

Becoming aware of your carbohydrate intake doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take them all out. Carbs aren’t evil! It doesn’t require you to follow a defined dietary protocol (e.g., Ketogenic, Atkins, Whole 30, etc). What it does mean is that you need to investigate your unique carbohydrate tolerance level and eat to support what your unique body can tolerate.

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