Homecoming Retreat is coming to Asheville Dec. 6. This weekend workshop is bringing together top scientists, holistic healers, advocates and thought leaders in the field of addiction recovery to share the most effective treatments available for families with loved ones suffering.

The retreat will take place in various locations around downtown Asheville and will conclude on the night of Dec. 8. The founders — Andrea Morris of Morris Consulting and Alison Sher of Millennials Incorporated — created this experience to provide solutions that will increase the 10 percent addiction recovery rate and reduce the 10-year average that it takes people to find successful treatments.

Speakers at this retreat will include Teresa Descilo founder of the International Trauma Resolution & Resiliency Center; author, counselor and attorney David Bedrick; Dr. Michael Trayford, founder of APEX Brain Centers, and many more impressive facilitators.

Topics covered will be: transforming shame, the neuroscience of addiction (Dr. Trayford), communication for a loving home, developmental trauma, epigenetics, life after treatment, shamanic paths to healing complex trauma and addiction and more. The event is also being widely endorsed by the many treatment centers and independent counselors that reside in Asheville.

The need for comprehensive treatment that addresses family systems as a whole and provides support to parents with children in treatment is huge. When it comes to addiction the stakes are very high.

Homecoming is happening just before the holiday season to offer hope to struggling families that recovery isn’t just possible, it’s probable when you have access to the right tools. For more information or to reserve your spot, visit

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