Concierge House Calls, an Asheville medical practice that provides in-office and at-home care, is offering solutions for challenging medical conditions via alternative therapies that are new to the Asheville area.

Concierge House Calls, led by Drs. Signi and Meidad Goldman, is one of the only practices in the area offering ketamine therapy, which is now medically validated and evidenced to significantly and rapidly improve depression, anxiety, various types of chronic pain, PTSD, OCD, and other symptoms of trauma.

There are other clinics in the area that offer ketamine therapy, including Esperer Institute at Prospect Behavioral Pediatrics and Psychiatry, which has been offering these treatments for the past 6 months. Also, Dr. Ron Parks of Asheville offers similar treatment as part of his program.

It is also an excellent solution for people struggling to detox from substances. In many cases, it has proven to be the perfect alternative when other treatments or medications haven’t been effective.

The board-certified doctors are planning to take alternative therapies a step further with a more controversial practice that they believe will become mainstream as more doctors begin to acknowledge its amazing benefits. Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy, which is the use of a psychoactive substance to accelerate a patient’s therapy in psychological work. This therapy is not available in our area yet but, the Goldman’s plan to champion it when it arrives.

“Patients are able to access deeper parts of themselves, have a broader awareness, and be able to observe things about themselves that they wouldn’t normally see. They make progress much faster than they would in traditional therapy,” said Signi Goldman, of Concierge House Calls.

While there are many directions to take with this type of therapy, Meidad and Signi have chosen to utilize ketamine as the substance of choice, as it is already legal and medically valid.

Unlike traditional Ketamine Clinic, where they use the medicine in small amounts to relieve symptoms, Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy calls for larger doses for a psychoactive effect and deeper experience.

“We are definitely unique in that we’re the only ketamine clinic in the area that sees one person at a time and is physician-monitored. Patients have privacy with no one else around except the doctor. We also use the most evidence-based protocols,” said Signi.

What can a patient expect during a typical session? First, they will have several sessions with the therapist so they can get to know and fully trust each other, discuss what they want to work on, and get prepared for the Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy. Once the patient is ready, they will have two sessions under the medicine while being guided by their therapist. Afterward, they’ll have three more sessions to process and integrate the lessons back into their lives with the therapist.

Ketamine is well-researched and scientifically-approved as well as safe and effective. It is still undergoing significant research in the scientific community but is already being used by doctors across the country as an alternative when other medications were ineffective or not preferred.


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