Back to school

A stress-free return to school-year routine is possible!

Let some of these tricks help you and yours manage the back-to-school blues.

• Keep things in perspective: make a list of your priorities and respect them.

• Accept and embrace imperfection: the cleanliness of your floor is not a question of life or death.

• Eat well: eating three balanced meals is essential if you want to function efficiently throughout the day. • Take breaks: overworking seldom leads to a rich family life.

• Find a hobby that can be an outlet for stress: read, jog, have a massage, visit an exhibition, or do more of whatever brings you energy and joy.

• Learn to say no: know your limits and respect them.

• Sleep well: a good night’s sleep is the ideal preparation for a productive day.

• Delegate: Involve all members of the family in household chores and, when it’s necessary, request outside help.

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