Dr. Ashley Lucas

Dr. Ashley Lucas is the Owner and Founder of PHD Weight Loss in Asheville (myphdweightloss.com).

Weight loss is much more complicated than calorie in and calorie out. For decades, we have been told that if we just exercise more, eat less, practice more willpower and be sure to “eat everything in moderation”, we will finally achieve the weight of our dreams.

Even though more and more individuals are working overtime in the gym, while starving themselves on the next fad diet, the obesity rates still manage to climb. How can this be? Pretty frustrating, right?

Weight gain is not so much about how much you eat, but more about the kind of food you eat and when you eat it. And the particular types of food that the majority of Americans eat are most often nutrient-empty and inherently addictive. These foods are found everywhere and in everything and oftentimes are marketed as “healthy”.

As a result, we have a population that is super sick, confused, overweight or obese and addicted. Weight loss in today’s society is truly a form of addiction recovery as the vast majority of us are addicted to the standard American diet.

This is not our fault, but more so the direct result of the foods we have been consuming because we were never informed of the inherent health and metabolic risks. And now, after weighing in 20, 50, 100 + pounds more than we should with multiple failed weight loss attempts in our past, we realize we cannot stop eating these foods on our own. Successful weight loss and long-term maintenance requires not only a shift in diet and metabolism, but more so a shift in how we think.

Dr. Ashley Lucas is the Owner and Founder of PHD Weight Loss in Asheville (myphdweightloss.com). She has a Doctorate (PhD) in Sports Nutrition and Chronic Disease and is also a Registered Dietitian.

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