To the lake

Netflix is often home to some truly excellent foreign flims and live action series. To the Lake is a Russian produced series about an apocalyptic viral outbreak.

The series focuses mainly on a single, extended family fleeing Moscow for a remote hunting lodge on a deserted island. Sergei, the main character, struggles not only to save his wife and autistic stepson but also his ex-wife and his biological son. A rich man, Leonid, and his family accompany Sergei and his clan on the road as they are all led by Sergei's father towards the place he has prepared for them.

Viktoriya Isakova delivers a powerful performance in the series as her character, Anna, is one of the more leveled headed in the group. She is a woman determined to save those she loves at any cost while straining to hold onto the morality of the world that is dying around her.

There are no zombies in To the Lake. The series' monsters are simply men and women who no longer care about anything but themselves – looters, rapists, cannibals, and soldiers following terrible orders. This makes the series very disturbing at times and a realistic feeling descent into the darkness of humanity at its worst.

Whether or not there will be a second season of To the Lake is currently in doubt but fans can certainly hope that one will eventually be produced. The series more than worthy of a second season and the current, ambiguous ending almost demands for more the story to be told. Regardless, if you're a fan of dark drama and apocalyptic action, To the Lake is a series that must be added to your to watch list.

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