Patio with garden furniture and parasol

When the weather warms up, its all about relaxing outdoors. But its possible you’ve neglected upkeep on your homes outdoor spaces during the chilly months of winter.

To enjoy yourself more this season, take time to spruce up your yard. Here are some quick tips.

Do a Survey

Take a walk around the perimeter of your patio, deck and yard to survey what needs to be cleaned, repaired or replaced. Did potted plants and lawn ornaments survive the cooler months? Are outdoor light fixtures functioning? Are fallen branches littering the yard? Make a mental to-do list.

Deep Clean

Like interior spaces, periodic deep cleans are necessary outdoors too. But dont waste your leisure time.

With the right tools you can work smart, not hard, says Jeff Devlin, host on a popular home improvement channel. A heavy-duty cleaner, such as Mean Green Degreaser, not only works indoors, but is ideal for my tough outdoor cleaning jobs.

Devlin recommends using the Super Strength multi-surface formula — which is lab-tested to clean and remove grease, grime, mildew, dirt, and oil more effectively than its competitors — to clean and remove mildew from patios, outdoor furniture, concrete, composite and wood fences and siding, as well as to clean and degrease tools, lawn equipment and grills. Use it as a concentrated spray or diluted solution. Clean with a brush or sponge.

For your toughest jobs, add it to your pressure washer, says Devlin. Helpful cleaning tips can be found at

Routine Maintenance

Perform routine upkeep to keep items from falling into disrepair or becoming overgrown or unkempt.

Sweep walkways and your deck regularly, especially if they are situated under trees. Promote a healthy lawn by mowing it regularly, never removing more than one-third of the grass blade. Keep gutters devoid of leaves and debris so that water does not collect in your yard or at the base of your homes structure. Rinse patio furniture, umbrellas and awnings using water or a diluted cleaner.

Spring is in the air. With a little effort, you can be prepared to make the most of it.

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