When bad things happen to good people, Rhoda Weaver comes to mind. Rising from her Gospel roots to a “busking” street performer to one of the most beloved singers in our community Rhoda may lose her voice completely, a diagnosis hard to swallow.

“It started over 2 years ago when I started getting hoarse” she explained. With many underlying conditions Rhoda thought it may pass, but the diagnosis was nerve damage leading to vocal cord paralysis. To further complicate her condition, she was told by her Doctor there was no cure and is in the high risk category for more problems to arise. Rhoda did not give up and decided to try a holistic approach which helped, but it is not in her budget nor is she covered for additional care.

No one should have to go it alone or take for granted there is “no cure” or relief from a single diagnosis. The thought of never hearing that raspy soulful voice did not sit well with many of her followers including Tricia Rother of Williams&Roth Entertainment. “Rhoda was one of the first performers I met in Asheville. One who can bring tears to the eyes and touch your soul. The thought of not hearing her voice again did not sit well with me.” Tricia asked her business partner Kat Williams to get in on the act and “Sista Act” the duet was born. Two voices coming together for a great cause, greater good in our community. Rhoda deserves a chance to get the care she needs providing her with a platform to heal and share the songs in her heart.

Sista Act will be performing live Nov. 16 at the BC Center, 291 Sweeten Creek Road, Asheville. Doors open at 6 p.m. Light fare and fun will be served, free parking.

For more info, tickets or donations go to www.williamsrothentertainment.com or call 8280-274-8320


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