The Magnetic Theatre hosts s Seven Singers Singing: A Musical Revue by Dave Bates, Jan. 31 through Feb. 1, 2020. Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m., Sunday at 2:30 p.m. at the The Magnetic Theatre in the River Arts District.

Seven Singers Singing is cabaret-style musical revue, featuring some of the area’s finest vocal talent. The songs, written by local musician Dave Bates, run the gamut from bouncy show tunes to soulful ballads. Seven singers will also delight audiences with comic novelty songs and uplifting inspirational numbers. If you’ve ever said you want to leave the theatre with a song to hum, this is the show for you.

Seven Singers Singing includes well known singers, Richard Blue, Mandy Bean, Alex Guazzo, Nana Hosmer Griffin, Tasha Pepi, Matt Wade and Hannah Williams.

“Songwriters who write for musical theatre accumulate ‘trunk songs’ or ‘orphan songs’, songs that were cut from shows, or which were written for projects that never came to fruition,” said songwriter Dave Bates. “I decided to take some of my trunk songs and supplement them with a few more songs written specifically for this show. The result is a musical revue that is much easier to cast and to produce than a full-scale musical. There’s a lot of flexibility as to who sings what. As much as possible, I tried to let the singers select the songs that they felt best suited them.”

“I produced a version of this show six years ago, and it was a big hit with audiences. For a year afterwards, barely a week went by when someone would encourage me to it again. I resisted, because at heart I’m a songwriter, not a producer, and I know how much is involved in pulling a project like this together.”

Bates has been pianist and musical director for numerous local theatre productions at North Buncombe High School, Hendersonville Community Theatre, Parkway Playhouse, Enka High School, and HART.

Seven Singers Singing: A Musical Revue was conceived by Dave Bates who will also direct and serve as the Music Director, Janice Guazzo will serve as Stage Manager. Tickets are $20. For ticketing information, call the The Magnetic Theatre, 375 Depot Street, at 828-239-9250 or visit

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