Love, Linda

Pianist Bob Strain and star Karen Covington-Yow perform Love, Linda (The Life of Mrs. Cole Porter), a tour-de-force one-woman show about Linda Lee Thomas, the Southern beauty who married legendary songwriter Cole Porter.

Love, Linda (The Life of Mrs. Cole Porter) is a one-woman musical about Linda Lee Thomas, the Southern beauty who married – and was a driving force behind – legendary songwriter Cole Porter.

Though Cole Porter was gay, their companionship and love lasted through 35 years of marriage and a spectacular, glamour-filled life. With innovative arrangements, the timeless music and lyrics of Cole Porter weave through the compelling narrative of Love, Linda, examining the darker sides of their life, while also celebrating the deep love that blossomed through their unconventional relationship.

Love, Linda (The Life of Mrs. Cole Porter) is directed by Misty Theisen and stars local favorite Karen Covington-Yow (Linda) accompanied by the jazz piano stylings of Bob Strain.

The show will open Friday, Aug. 9 and run through Sunday, Aug. 25 with performances Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday afternoons at 2:30 p.m. Tickets are available online at, over the phone at 828-254-1320, or in person at the Asheville Community Theatre Box Office. All tickets are $25.

In this show, Linda Lee Thomas (Mrs. Cole Porter) candidly recounts through song and story her life’s journey with Cole Porter. In the course of the show, Linda takes us behind the glitter of their sensational social life, sharing intimate, and at times heartbreaking moments, such as the dashed dreams of having a child, Cole’s occasional hurtful sexual escapades, his crippling horse accident and her own failing health. To quote Linda from the show, their journey together was far from “a picture-perfect postcard,” but by the end of her story, she has definitively made the case that “just because a love between two people may be difficult to define, that doesn’t mean it didn’t exist.”

Musical numbers, cleverly taken out of their original context, include the hits “So In Love,” “I Love Paris,” “My Heart Belongs to Daddy,” “Night and Day,” and “Wunderbar,” plus lesser-known gems like “When A Woman’s In Love.”

Love, Linda (The Life of Mrs. Cole Porter) is a tour-de-force one-woman show that highlights the range of its dynamic star. “It has been a thrill to learn more about the unique woman behind the inimitable Cole Porter,” said Karen Covington-Yow, playing the role of Linda. “Linda Porter was loving, strong, smart, and the muse for some of the most endearing songs ever written. I am honored to take you on this journey of love through story and song.”.

This 70-minute musical is appropriate for all audiences. The black box theatre holds only 40 seats, so reservations are strongly encouraged.

For tickets or information about Asheville Community Theatre, please visit


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