Alive Again

Flow of Africa

ZenobiaStudio presents Flow of Africa, an exhibition of paintings by Casimir Balibie Bationo (CasziB). Mr. Bationo is a contemporary artist from Burkina Faso, Africa. He now lives and works in Meknes, Morocco.

Casimir travels regularly between Africa and Europe, evidenced in his paintings by the colorful, rhythmic atmosphere of faces full of shadow and contrasts where both cultures are crossed and blended.

Flow of Africa will be exhibited at the Pink Dog Gallery, 348 Depot St., through May 3, 2020.

Rescheduled for August:

Alive Again

NEW Exhibition dates: Aug. 21–Sept. 20, 2020 with an opening Reception Friday, August 21, 7-9 p.m.

Alive Again was inspired by readings and conversations about emotional management. Each piece contains within it raw and unrehearsed emotion. While each piece is uniquely crafted, they serve the same purpose: to remind us that instead of allowing our emotions to cloud our judgement, let us manage them and express them in ways that do not bring hurt and confusion to ourselves or others. Alive Again is dedicated to Love’s mother, Evelyn, who was hospitalized on Jan. 1.

James Love started practicing art in elementary school after losing his Nintendo Gameboy. He made and sold handmade comic books to buy a new Gameboy after his mother challenged him to figure out a way to buy one himself. Today, Love creates artwork using an intuitive and improvisational process. This style of working is inspired by his experience growing up in New Covenant Holiness Church in Burlington, NC where programs for the service are printed, but once the Spirit of God moves in the place, the programs are an afterthought.

Open for Business

Pink Dog Creative is open for business. Most of the artists are planning their regular open hours, as well as Vivian, Fresh West Pizza & Radical Elements. Please check our website and Facebook page for updates.

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