They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and at Amazing Lash Studio — Biltmore Village Asheville, owner Caitlin Clampitt is committed to keeping women’s peepers bright and shiny, and ready for opportunities aplenty.

“We can all agree that we look our best when our eyes are awake and alert,” said Clampitt. “Now that our faces are three-quarters covered with these masks our eyes are popping more than ever. They are the focal point of our face.”

For Clampitt and her team of certified, licensed estheticians, the work they do inside the new studio located at 190 Hendersonville Road goes a lot deeper than eye level.

“Eye makeup is the hardest makeup to do and you don’t have to do it with lashes,” Clampitt said. “Wearing lashes gives you back time in your morning routine.”

The Biltmore Village business is Clampitt’s second in the lash franchise; her first one located in Greenville, South Carolina.

Originally from Fort Lauderdale, Clampitt said she and her husband fell in love with Asheville while on a road trip two and a half years ago.

“We wanted to have a respite from that summer heat.

It was a really charming community. There was so much to do. It was really a compliment to our lifestyle in Florida. We have little kids. They’re always outdoors and I love the artistic flair.”

Clampitt says she and her husband, a Navy veteran who served in Afghanistan, have been serial entrepreneurs for years.

The couple started a public relations firm, specializing in marketing and advertising for federal campaigns that focused on veterans’ topics like homelessness and suicide.

During her time in PR, Clampitt said she was introduced to and worked very closely with the Women’s Veterans Network, an organization specifically for women veterans.

“It was a life-changer for me, by far the best experience I’ve had,” Clampitt said. “I just enjoy working with women. It’s a real passion of mine.”

And that passion shines through in her lash studios and the work she continues with women veterans.

During the month of November and through the end of the year, the lash studio is offering several promotions designed for service women.

“My husband is my biggest supporter. He knows that I am unbelievably driven. I have been his partner in business for years and he knows that I love a challenge.”

The Appointment

For those unfamiliar with the lash application experience, Clampitt compares it to a spa day.

“This is a two-hour appointment where you’re brought into a private treatment room and put under a toasty blanket. You can take a nap and there is spa music playing,” she said. “These are not clumps. These are not lash strips. They are lightweight, individual, high-quality lashes that are adhesed onto your natural lash.

As for the lashes themselves, they are a vegan, non-toxic product, and all of the studio’s artists are licensed estheticians. In addition, Clampitt said that her staff artists are required to undergo a certification program that is followed by additional training to ensure they are skilled at the application of individual lashes.

“This is a feel-good industry, especially during the pandemic. We need to prioritize a little time for ourselves,” Clampitt said. It’s OK to say that getting my lashes done gives me life. It makes me feel like my best self. It sounds so shallow to some people, but if you get it, you get it. The studio is so beautiful. It’s a fun, magical place.”

Once the dust settles from the grand opening, Clampitt said she will be looking to identify Amazing Lash Studio Biltmore Village with a local charitable organization. In addition, she hopes to create a scholarship program with AB Tech to sponsor a student interested in the beauty industry.

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