Tasty Greens


Thirsty Monk is expanding its brand family in South Asheville with the opening of Tasty Greens. The new lunch and dinner eat-in and takeout spot, located next door to Thirsty Monk in Biltmore Park Town Square, will focus on fresh salads and warm bowls served with premium ingredients for a quick and healthy lunch or dinner. With ingredients sourced local where possible, its mission is to provide farm fresh, filling and feel good food.

“I’m so excited about Tasty Greens because it’s how I love to eat. I became a vegetarian when I was 15 years old, way before it was cool to be one, and over the 35 years since, I’ve probably eaten a small farm,” says Barry Bialik, owner and CEO. “Salad bars were my favorite restaurants when I was young, and I have fond memories of my grandmother stealing loaves of banana bread in her purse from the salad bar at one restaurant my family used to go to.”

Tasty Greens aims to show that comfort food can be healthy too. Through connections to local farms and quality seasonal ingredients, Tasty Greens salads and grain bowls are designed by Chef Clint Betts to leave you feeling both full and good. “While we might not have the 100 pound cabbages and 45 pound zucchinis I used to ogle at when I lived in Alaska, we have tons of passionate local farmers growing delicious and healthy produce here to source for our salads and bowls,” says Bialik.

Adapting to the ever changing realities around COVID-19 has meant dreaming up new and creative ways to do business while keeping customers and staff safe, and maintaining the utmost in hospitality. Tasty Greens offers a flavorful, mindful and convenient quick lunch and dinner, and is available for takeout and for delivery through Takeout Central local delivery platform. A select number of Thirsty Monk Brewery canned beers will also be on the menu, including Monk Lite Low Calorie Ale and Holy Water Hard Seltzers.

“During these times of COVID, I think what we all need is a good salad or a delicious grain bowl, and some Holy Water Hard Seltzer. That pairing has certainly been my comfort food throughout all this mess,” adds Bialik.

Tasty Greens will be open Wednesday through Sunday from 11am to 8pm. Online ordering is available at tastygreensusa.com. For more information and to connect, check out Tasty Greens on Facebook and Instagram @tastygreensusa.

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