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The newest collection of Judge Dredd stories was released this month in a trade paperback entitled “Control.” The majority of stories in the book deal with Special Judicial Squad Judge Pin.

Pin is a senior SJS Judge who was driven insane during the epic events of Chaos Day (an event that decimated the population of Mega City One). Since then, Judge Pin has been murdering judges she feels are unfit to wear the badge and collecting their helmets. Pin finally loses it to the point of seeing Dredd as unfit, mainly because he has become a threat to her, and kidnaps him.

Dredd and Pin go head to head in a bloody showdown that will cost Dredd the life of a close ally.

The rest of “Control’s” 128 pages are taken up by a darkly humorous and sad tale of a peaceful Klegg.

The Klegg are a race of bipedal croclike monsters that are born killers. This particular Klegg is a black sheep of his race who hates violence.

After saving Dredd’s life in a previous story, he is granted citizenship in Mega City One. And while he continues to struggle to fit in among humans, he becomes the target of the Hunter’s Club.

Judge Maitland of the Justice Department’s Accounts Division returns in two of the books’ stories, as well.

“Control” also features a short Judge Dredd Christmas story in which readers actually get to see the super cop with his family and what the holiday is like for them.

“Control” is a fun and, at times, intense read but well worth its cover price for fans of Judge Dredd.

There is nothing truly world-changing for Dredd in this collection of stories, but that doesn’t make it any less of an enjoyable read and some of its humor may, in fact, be a welcome change for some longtime Dredd fans.

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