Cast of Crimes and Missed Demeanings

The cast of Crimes and Missed Demeanings. Top row, from the left: Darren Marshall, Tippin, Murphy Funkhouser-Capps. Bottom row, from the left: Chris Kingsley, Alison Young, Barbie Angell, Steve Jencks and Daniel Moore.

Before the official 2019 Mainstage Season begins in March, The Magnetic Theatre is offering delightfully funny January programming with several unique events.

On Jan. 11-13, Magnetic will bring Crimes & Missed Demeanings, a sketch comedy show for adults, which is a fundraiser for Asheville nonprofit organization Arms Around ASD, which supports people with autism and their families.

Crimes & Missed Demeanings is the brainchild of director and performer Rodney Smith, who has assembled an amazing pool of comedy and stage talent, to bring a single week of hot toddy induced laughter to a dreary January. Crimes & Missed Demeanings brings a modern flavor to the old formats of the “Golden Age of Television,” combining sketch comedy with music and burlesque.

The show was written by Rodney Smith, Barbie Angell, Chris Kingsley, Stewart Goldstein, Jeff Catanese and Murphy Funkhouser-Capps. It features Barbie Angell, Murphy Funkhouser-Capps, Mis Tippin, Steve Jencks, Chris Kingsley, Darren Marshall, Daniel Moore, and Alison Young. Directed by Rodney Smith.

Tickets cost $20, plus a $2 fee, and shows are Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m.

To buy tickets for these or any upcoming shows, visit


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