Starting Nov. 6, Gan Shan Station will be running a Vietnamese vegan pop-up series from 5-9 p.m. every Wednesday night throughout the month of November.

Inspired by the “chay” food of Vietnamese Buddhists, the menu strives to shatter the idea that vegan food is boring and bland. Chay—which is a Vietnamese word for meatless—means refraining from the acts of killing animals for food or otherwise.

“In the spirit of adventure and nourishing our community, we want to bring new and different food to appeal to Asheville’s large vegetarian and vegan communities, as well as introduce new, fun, and flavorful cuisine,” Gan Shan Station Owner and Chef Patrick O’Cain says. “These dishes have the strength to stand on their own so that one doesn’t think that they are receiving a second-rate version of something that would be better with meat. It’s exciting.”

The type of food featured in this pop-up dinner series has never been available in the Asheville area before. The menu, which will appeal to omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans alike, may include dishes such as banh xeo chay, roasted fall vegetables with silken and aged tofu sauce, and shiso-wrapped tofu with chili, annato, and lemongrass.

Leading the pop-up is Gan Shan Station’s Chef de Cuisine Will Cisa and Chef Ray Hui, both whom have an affinity for this specific cuisine.

“We hope to bring new life into this concept and give those who are unfamiliar with it a dining experience to remember,” says Cisa.

Gan Shan Station is located at 143 Charlotte Street near downtown Asheville and has free parking for restaurant guests. This pop-up series is non-ticketed and will not offer reservations.


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