Pumpkin Pancakes

Coming in close behind Texas’ breakfast taco, Maine’s signature blueberry pancakes and Montana’s steak and eggs, North Carolina’s pumpkin flapjacks rounded out the Top 10 list of morning meals among 3,479 Americans polled by MealFinds.com.

The survey, conducted by the online food and beverage directory review site, ranked U.S. breakfasts from 1 to 50, uncovering a diversity of how Americans start their day.

Selections support a majority of tastes that represent a melting pot of cultures and customs. In pursuit of inspiration to spice up their morning routine, foodies may spend hours scrolling through social media posts of perfectly presented breakfast dishes, from pancake stacks glistening with maple syrup drizzle to cinnamon rolls with sticky icing to traditional sausage, gravy and grits to oatmeal with aesthetically arranged toppings to the trendy avocado toast.

While Texas’ breakfast taco reigned supreme, featuring a small corn or flour tortilla folded around a filling of eggs, bacon, sausage, refried beans, cheese and topped with salsa, North Carolina’s pumpkin pancakes delivered unforgettable fall flavors. The state’s classic stack is made of pumpkin puree, brown sugar and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg and topped with maple or golden syrup.

Battle of the Breakfasts

August’s Battle of the Breakfasts survey conducted by Meal Finds listed the nation’s Top 10 winners as follows: 1. Texas, breakfast taco; 2. Maine, blueberry pancakes; 3. Arizona, breakfast burrito; 4. Oklahoma, biscuits, sausage and gravy, and grits; 5. Illinois, scrambled eggs with bison hickory-smoked sausage; 6. Minnesota, breakfast hotdish/casserole; 7. Virginia, eggs and ham; 8. Montana, steak and eggs; 9. Nevada, French toast; 10. North Carolina, pumpkin pancakes.

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